And now, a word from our sponsor…

Pancakes and Mash might not be happening if it hadn’t been for the generosity of our sponsor, RLUK: Research Libraries UK.

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A note from Mike Mertens, Deputy Executive Director of RLUK:

Why is RLUK interested in Mashed Libraries?

RLUK, established nearly 30 years ago, originally came into being through the desire to share data between its members. This meant greater efficiency for individual libraries, better exposure of collections, and the provision of new services, to students, staff and researchers. The experience of amassing and making available data tells us that it generates novel ideas and fresh views around what libraries can and should do for their patrons. Time marches on, and so does technology – but the fundamental principle remains the same: how can we best share our expertise and data to improve our users’ potential to create and access knowledge? Mashed Libraries does exactly that, which is why RLUK is happy to lend its support.